Painting with polymer paints-azt slavutich

We provide services for painting metal products with polymer paints.

Manufacturing of metal structures is being completed, usually, painting process, which plays an important role in the technological chain. And it's not just about the aesthetic component, but also that, that the final coating serves as a reliable protection of metal parts from external influences.

We provide a full range of services for the manufacture of metal products, including high quality powder coating services. The customer receives the finished painted product, the maximum dimensions of which can be (in mm) up to 4400x1900x1600. These are the dimensions, which are optimal when using modern equipment, guaranteeing the highest level of paint quality. We use paints and consumables of such well-known companies as: AkzoNobel, Pulverit, and also Pulver.

Powder coating is applied to metal profiles, for aluminum profiles, etc.

Our technologists will help you:

  • choose the color suitable for the product in accordance with the RAL scale;
  • develop a unique paint individually for the client (under the order);
  • ensure gentle loading / unloading, as well as reliable packaging of products, powder coated.

The whole technological process is strictly controlled and includes the following operations:

  • degreasing process to improve adhesion;
  • the process of phosphating of a metal surface with zinc salts;
  • rinsing with specially prepared water (demineralized);
  • the last operation before painting is firing and drying of the metal surface.

Unlike traditional painting methods, polymer technology is, that a layer of paint is applied to the prepared surface of the metal by "sintering" a powder of polymers. As a result, a durable polymer coating is obtained on the metal, which serves in the most unfavorable conditions until 20 years. At the same time, the original color and brightness of the paint is preserved, the service life of the product is lengthened, its operational properties increase.

Polymer coating, besides reliability, characterized also:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • high aesthetics, color fastness, covering all possible palette;
  • durability, impermeability due to the most tight adhesion of the layer to the metal surface;
  • resistance to adverse conditions, especially to water;
  • heat resistance, cold resistance;
  • good electrical insulating properties;
  • resistance to mechanical damage, corrosion;
  • low price.

Polymer paints are used for metal products and structures, not only indoor, but also outside.

For example, in the manufacture of corrugated board or metal tiles, polyester is most often used as a protective paint coating. Despite the insignificant coating thickness (0.02-0.03mm), this polymer ensures long-term performance of materials, used for roofing houses, fences. Similar products, polymer coated, serve at least, than 2-3 decades (with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty).

The high density of the polymer layer gives the best resistance to mechanical damage, reliably resists corrosion. These are the characteristics of a plastisol paint coating, whose thickness reaches two millimeters.

Painting with polymer paints-azat slavutich