Punching - separation of workpieces along closed outer contours; • Metal punching, or perforation - the process of creating holes in the sheet of the required shape; • Bending - giving the workpiece the required shape by bending its parts; • Welding - joining homogeneous and heterogeneous parts into one structure, which will be used in industry or everyday life; • Painting with polymer paints - azt slavutich

Sheet metal - this stuff is very popular, various designs for modern technology are produced from it, construction, mechanical engineering and other industries. Sheet metal is very relevant and versatile, because it is widely used both in industry, so in everyday life. Items were made from it in ancient times. The processing of raw materials is now carried out by special machines, it greatly facilitates human labor, because before it was done exclusively by hand. The sheet metal processing algorithm consists of:

  • Cutting and cutting of metal, proceeds according to a previously created template.
  • Felling- the process of extracting parts along closed outer boundaries;
  • Metal punching, or perforationsI are formations in a sheet of holes of the desired shape;
  • Bending- giving the part to the desired shape, by bending on specialized equipment;
  • Welding- various parts are connected into one structure (homogeneous and heterogeneous), for household or industrial use;

★ Cutting metal sheet

Services, which is provided by the plant for cutting sheets are carried out on high-quality German equipment of the company "Tailift", largest sheet size - 1500*2500 mm. The company has the ability to process: stainless steels, aluminum, structural steels, galvanized metal, etc.
Also here you can make a cut of sheet material according to your original templates.

We make processing of aluminum sheet up to 4 mm, sheets of stainless and structural steel up to 3 mm.

We perform various operations on our machines, such as the: shaping, thread rolling, felling, marking, application of a flanged hood, bending and bending of hinge. All punching tools, which make the perforation holes are rotatable, due to this, parts of a very complex design can be made, there is also a system, which makes automatic lubrication of the tool in the stamping zone, which in turn raises the quality of manufactured products and service life.

metal welding-azt slavutich

★ Metal bending

Sheet metal bending is a cold metal processing technology. For this purpose, roll forming and plate bending machines are used, which are designed to work with cold rolled products. Need to understand, that metal bending services are not relevant for all steel grades, therefore, all work should be done by professionals, who will solve all the tasks at the highest level. What does it provide our company, using sheet bending machine "Amada" .

★ Metal welding

Our company provides welding services of various complexity. Professional welders work at the highest level, they are assisted in this by equipment from well-known world manufacturers.

When welding stainless steel parts, high demands are placed on appearance, also high demands are made on the appearance of welds: the seam should be proper, have minimal leashes after welding and minimal finishing operations (removal of tempering, grinding, polishing, satin).