Slavutich company, proposes fuel dispensers type "NOVA" domestically produced at low prices. Fuel dispensers are intended for the sale of fuel both at departmental and commercial gas stations.
By type, dispensed products, the columns are divided into:

  • fuel dispensers
  • oil dispensers
  • gas dispensing
  • combined fuel dispensers

This type of fuel dispenser can be of pressure head or suction version, with throughput from 45 to 1000 l / min.
Number of products from 1 to 5.
Number of pistols from 1 to 10.

On fuel dispencer type "NOVA" reliable hydraulic equipment is used, time-tested. Electronic nodes were developed by our specialists based on the requirements and realities of the modern oil products market.

Electronic components, used in the production of electronic blocks pass the strictest incoming control, and finished assemblies a series of final inspection tests. Due to this, we can guarantee the high quality of our products.

A distinctive feature of our company is flexibility in working with Customers, so along with the standard range of fuel dispensers, we manufacture designs for specific orders of various shapes and sizes.

Optional components such as hoses, fuel dispensing cranes, rotary and breakaway couplings can be installed on the fuel dispenser as branded, world manufacturers, and inexpensive options.

As it is, fuel dispensers are installed at the gas station, an object of increased potential danger, certain operational requirements are imposed on them, which is confirmed by the relevant certificates. Also, the performance of the fuel dispenser is influenced by such characteristics as: type of fuel dispencer, appointment, arrangement and principle of operation.

The full amount of information you need, received before purchase, will help in further maintenance. Our experts will help you choose the right equipment that suits your needs.

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