In addition to the production and sale of equipment, the Slavutich company is engaged in installation and commissioning. Moreover, we carry out a warranty, post warranty service and repair of equipment.

You can order the production or supply of equipment from us, its installation and commissioning. We provide warranty, service repair and full maintenance of equipment.

Warranty repair and maintenance of equipment are carried out in the following cases:

- warranty repair of out of order equipment is made free of charge during the warranty period, if installed, that the malfunction is caused by a defect in the manufacturer;

- warranty service does not include routine maintenance, as well as replacement of parts, parts of units and mechanisms, out of order due to natural wear and tear or the expiration of the service life;

- a prerequisite for maintaining the warranty is the performance of regulated maintenance of equipment by a specialized organization or persons, suitably qualified, with the frequency and in the amount established by the technical documentation;

- warranty repair is carried out only by specialists of an authorized service center or by the manufacturer;

- when connecting the equipment, a commissioning certificate or other document is provided, confirming the fact of installation and commissioning work by a qualified organization;

- the warranty for replaced parts and components expires at the end of the hardware warranty;

Warranty repairs cannot be performed in the following cases:

- equipment damage, occurred through the fault of the buyer or due to its improper use, transportation violations, storage or handling operations;

- non-observance of the rules and conditions of equipment operation, including when using it for other purposes, non-compliance with loading norms, changes in voltage or frequency of power supply, as well as in the event of an accident for reasons, not related to product defects;

- the presence of mechanical damage;

- carrying out self-repair of equipment or repair by third parties;

- during the operation of equipment, out of order;

- lack of regulated maintenance by a specialized organization or persons, suitably qualified.