floating gas station-slavutich

The process of refueling a yacht or small vessel on the water ( boats , bot, motorboats, etc.) similar to car, which significantly saves your time, money, and most importantly – does not spoil your nervous system.

To refuel a yacht or boat on the water, you only need to moor from any side of the floating station and ask to fill a full tank.

Floating gas stations have a multi-stage protection system against oil spills and pollution of the adjacent water area, what distinguishes them on the sales market.
The floating station canopy protects the upper deck from rain and solar radiation, and a specially designed system of scuppers on the upper deck; environmental safety of the adjacent water area.

When the reservoir freezes, the floating filling station is pushed up, ensuring the safety of the ice parking, due to the special design of the body.
The flat bottom and the structure of the hull ensure a reliable landing of the station on the bottom of the reservoir when its level changes.

Currently, in Europe, the issue of discharging liquid waste from yachts and small vessels has sharply become ( boats , bots, motorboats ave.) overboard. We offer a solution to this problem.
The floating station can accept any kind of waste, at the request of the customer of course, with their subsequent delivery to the shore or collecting craft.

A floating filling station is an indicator of the solidity and attractiveness of the yacht club. As for the "stuffing" of the floating station, this is a contractual issue..

There are basic models of floating petrol stations , which are improved at your request within the rules of the relevant Register.
Our partners will help you to establish the coastal infrastructure of floating filling stations .
Refueling on the water is the future of water transport.

Main technical characteristics
basic model of a floating station ( FS )
Refueling yachts. Refueling boats.
Main dimensions:
length, m. – 10.80
width, m. – 4.34
board height, m. – 1,90
coaming height VP, m. – 0.15
full load draft, m. – 1.10
empty draft, m. – 0.50

Standard displacement floating filling station :
when the sediment is empty, t – 23,00
at full load draft, t – 47.00

Crew - 2 human.
Number of dispensed fuel types - three.
Type of fuel dispensers – Nova 1303.10 LLC AZT Slavutich.

Refueling of vehicles is possible (depending on the setting)

Ice reinforcement is designed for 10 cm. fine ice ( section 7 Provisions for the Classification of Inland and Mixed Vessels (River-Sea).

The vessel has the following built-in tanks:
– diesel fuel storage tank V = 10 m3;
– petrol tank Ai-95 V = 10 m3;

Dual fuel dispenser type:NOVA 2202.21 (45 l / min)

Floating stations are ships of sea and river classes:
«= Р1,2 (ice 10)», «= М3,0 (ice 60)» ,K Sh rack oil loading (>60 C) etc.

floating gas station-slavutich