Gas stations and oil depots, are enterprises with increased explosion- and fire hazard. Accordingly, increased requirements are imposed on equipment and fittings.
"AZT Slavutich" manufactures and offers equipment and fittings, which comply with the regulatory framework and technical conditions. Beginning with 1998 years we have equipped thousands of objects in Ukraine and abroad.


Serially produced fittings for gas stations and oil depots:

combined mechanical breathing valves;

flame arresters straight and angled;

gauge hatches;

drain and flow filters;

universal samplers;


Fittings for gas stations and oil depots that are permanently in the warehouses of the enterprise:

quick disconnect couplings;

check valves;

bypass valves.

Breathing valves (ISBV)

Combined Mechanical Breathing Valve (ISBV) - designed to regulate the pressure in the vapor-air space of the tank when draining and filling oil products and temperature differences. Correct operation of СМДК reduces fuel evaporation from the tank, which reduces the loss of oil products and reduces air pollution.

The valve is made of highly machined aluminum alloy. The product is highly resistant to weather conditions, estimated service life with regular routine maintenance - 7-8 years.

Fire protection fittings

According to requirements, to equipping petrol stations, on fuel lines and breathing lines, fire barriers should be installed. The task of the fire barrier is to dissipate some of the heat in the event of a fire and not let the flame into the tank with oil products, while not interfering with the movement of fuel and air-vapor mixture. The fire barrier is completed with a cassette made of material with high heat capacity, where the flame is scattered and absorbed.

Gauging hatch

One of the necessary elements of the tank farm is the gauge hatch. It is necessary for carrying out, through him, level measurement and sampling of oil products in horizontal and vertical tanks. The main requirements for such products are to ensure tightness and the absence of sparking. Requirements for gauge hatches are spelled out in regulatory documents and technical conditions.

Bypass and check valves

Serve to create and maintain the pressure required for the operation of fuel-dispensing equipment in the fuel line system.

Flow-through filter, drain filters

Designed to protect fuel dispensing equipment, as well as fuel equipment of cars from mechanical impurities and suspended water, which may be contained in the fuel.

Remember, that enterprises in the field of oil products supply belong to the category of objects with an increased fire hazard! Therefore, manufacturer's choice, components and the qualifications of installers should be given special attention!